A Father’s Day Tribute

A wonderful husband and son.A caring grandfather.An amazing father.A loving family.

With Father’s day celebrations happening today, we would like to pay tribute to a great father and officer of this community, Kenny Goodlett. Police Officer Goodlett passed away Friday morning, but his outreach as a father to this community vibrates strongly throughout the town. Many residents were touched by his actions as an officer of the law and as a compassionate loving man.

Jenny Trent, who organized the candlelight vigil in officer Goodlett’s honor Friday night at the county park, wrote to us about a story of officer Goodlett’s kindness. Jenny flipped her truck years ago on US 62. Kenny was one of the first responders to the scene. He stayed with Jenny looking for personal belongings that were strewn all over the road. He then personally drove to her family on bad roads to deliver the news of the accident.

Shannon Franklin also wrote that officer Goodlett helped her many times growing up almost like a parent. He helped her find a better path in life and gave her many breaks when she was young.

So, today we give honor to not only someone who was a great officer but a caring father that served this community for many years.

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