Back in the Day – Train Depots

imageBefore automobiles, trains were the only means of easy transportation. Not only passengers but freight and even the U.S. Mail was transported by train. This created a need for train depots in all communities: large and small.

Here in Lawrenceburg, there was a train depot on East Court Street across from the Lawrenceburg Hotel. Passengers would get off the train and only needed to walk just a short distance to the hotel.

There was also two smaller depots, one in Alton and the other in Avenstoke. These depots were less active but were still vital for the people living in these areas of the county.

By 1900, after the invention of the car, the trains were used less and eventually all the depots disappeared. The main depot was moved onto US 127 and is now the Farmers Market.

Source: Images of America, Lawrenceburg.
Photos: Courtesy Moffett Collection

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