Back in the Day – Ballard’s Drug Store

Back in the Day 1900Lawrenceburg began as a small community built on the production of bourbon and the men who created it, but few know of a man that was not part of the bourbon but was also as important to this community. Thomas J. Ballard came to Lawrenceburg as a young man. He was known as a druggist but was also the police judge, postmaster and served on the city council for over 30 years. His responsibilities included the improvement of the streets, sidewalks, water system and supported the local schools.

Here are photos of him and his wife Gertrude along with photos of Ballard’s Drug store. This store was built in the 1880’s and was considered one of the oldest businesses to operate in Lawrenceburg.

Source: Images of America Lawrenceburg
Photos: Anderson Historical Society, Geoghegan Collection

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