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Lawrenceburg Signlegion park

Back in May, I received the below message from Everett Courtney. I was very moved by his poem and today while driving through Lawrenceburg my son took these photos to go with this amazing poem:

If home is where the heart is
Then Lawrenceburg is home
Where I have put down my roots
Never more to roam

A growing community
Yet with a small town feel
Great people and neighbors
A place truly full of appeal

A thriving downtown
With various small shops
Surrounded by beautiful countryside
River valleys and hill tops

There are many beautiful places
In this world to be found
But I’m glad to live in Lawrenceburg
Where so much beauty does abound

And though we face the problems
Same as many a small town
In the majestically beautiful state of KY
I believe Lawrenceburg is the crown.

I recently found out that Everett had passed away just days after writing the poem for Lawrenceburg. We have been truly blessed by this gift he gave to us in this beautiful poem he wrote. Thank you Everett.

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