Lawrenceburg Wheels of Time from Above (video)

Standing in the middle of Main Street looking south, I was greeted with a spectacular collection of cars, ranging from old and beautifully restored to newer and more unusual finds. The Wheels of Time car show was in town again this month with what seemed like an even larger turnout of vehicles than last month. Beginning at 6:30pm on the second Friday of every month during the summer, the Wheels of Time car show is not only a great way for classic car owners to get together and show off their beautiful cars but also something fun for anyone interested in classic cars.

The community among the car owners is speckled with a little bit of rivalry on top of strong friendships as each owner shows off their automobile. Berry Sexton, with his ’59 Rambler Station Wagon, enjoys coming to the show because he gets to tell old stories and make a little fun of the other owners. And, David Long, sporting a ’69 Chevelle, said that not only he knows everyone at the show but also that Lawrenceburg is one of only a few towns to have such an event.

So next month, head on down to Main Street and enjoy not only the food, music, and beautiful cars at the show, but also the great community built around a fun event.

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