The Relay for Life Experience

On the left is Ruth Crossfield, survivor for 17 years and on the right is Jean Williams, survivor for 42 years.Each candle is given in honor cancer victims.Carol Martin, survivor for 15 years.

The Lawrenceburg Relay for Life started today at 6pm in the American Legion park and continues to midnight. The Relay, although having a relaxed atmosphere, is serious about its commitment to help the fight against cancer. As I walked up to the main tent in the park, I was greeted with a solemn sight of all the victims to cancer with their names written on soon to be lit candles. But there was hope, much hope throughout the crowd that gathered around and in the tent. Names of so many cancer survivors being called and given medallions gave everyone a sense that this disease could be managed, maybe even cured one day. Such inspiration was given from all the survivors present like Jean Williams who has been a cancer survivor for 42 years. She wants her story of survival to be hope for everyone who has cancer. Then there’s Carol Martin, 15 year survivor, who decided to attend the Relay because of its great community. She’s found that there is nothing like having a community come together to help each other through hard times. Attending the Relay, even if just for a short time, is an amazing event that shouldn’t be missed.

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