Town Council Meeting Highlights – June 2015

City Attorney Robert Myles, Mayor Robert Sandy Goodlett and City Clerk Admin Robbie Hume.City Attorney Robert MylesEconomic Development Authority George Leamon.Council Member Ken Evans and Council Member Wendy Shouse.City Clerk Admin Robbie Hume and Council Member Bobby G. Durr.

For the Lawrenceburg City Council meeting, Mayor Goodlett started the meeting with departmental reports after the prayer and pledge of allegiance. Once the formalities were completed, he directed for the departmental reports which included information on the economic development authority’s project, headed by George Leamon, on the Four Roses expansion and the city’s and county’s role. Mayor Goodlett then moved on to updating the council on the rebuilding of the city’s maintenance building. City Attorney, Robert Myles, then read the proposed budget for the coming year and other various resolutions for the Municipal Aid Road Funds and a grant application to further help with the Four Roses project. The council voted on each resolution and all were passed. Appointments for positions in the city were also discussed. Afterwards, the Mayor discussed a new bid for the demolition of 109 S Main St, which came significantly under budget.

Once all official business was concluded, questions and concerns were taken from the public present at the meeting. Eric Silverman, from the Pampered Feet, addressed the council concerning the sidewalks on Main Street. He mentioned about their poor condition and possible tripping hazard to patrons visiting the shops downtown. The council then mentioned that officially the sidewalks are not the city’s responsibility, but are the building owners. Mr Silverman then indicated that it might be in the city’s best interest to help improve the downtown area by working with the building owners to repair and fix the sidewalks. He then thanked the council and the Mayor for trimming the trees on Main Street and their willingness to help with the downtown district. Ron Yung, of the Lawrenceburg Bed and Breakfast, then addressed the council and asked about possible Lawrenceburg flags being stored in city hall. According to Robbie Hume, city clerk, the flags were not made by the city and were later thrown away because they misspelled the city’s name. Mr Yung also addressed the council about the sidewalks and thanking them for the trees. Afterwards, city council members, George Geoghegan and Steven Rucker, brought up possibly setting up a meeting with the businesses and building owners on Main Street to discuss how to proceed with the sidewalks. The owners of the Trail Suites on Main Street then suggested that they could meet in their building. The council agreed and motioned to adjourn. Before the council adjourned, they discussed the Fourth of July parade and music on the Green.

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