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Jeff Waldridge in front of T.B. Ripy HouseJeff Waldridge beginning the Ghost Walk with the crowd in front of the TB Ripy house.Jeff Waldridge explaining the history of illegal alcohol sales during Prohibition.Jeff Waldridge and crowd in front of the Anderson County Court House.The Ghost Walk crew and attendees lining up to enter the old Central Hotel.Inside the Central Hotel, Jeff Waldridge explains its history and hauntings. Of note, there is a possible orb, which is a light sphere in a picture that could indicate a ghostly presence. It is at the top left corner of the picture. There was only one seen during the tour.Ghost Walkers exploring the Central Hotel.Inside the TB Ripy mansion, the walkers gather and meet with a descendant of Mr Ripy, Olivia Ripy.Two Walkers startled by possible ghostly action on the second floor of the Ripy mansion.

Walking up to an old mansion on Lawrenceburg’s historic Main Street, I could almost feel an other-worldly presence amongst the old trees that surround the TB Ripy House. The air was thick with anticipation as the crowd began gathering around the front steps. Standing in front of the old porch was Jeff Waldridge, creator of the Lawrenceburg Ghost Walk.

The Lawrenceburg Ghost Walk is a fascinating, yet just a little spooky event that happens every Saturday night during the summer months until October. It features a hands-on tour of Lawrenceburg’s hauntings and history as the walkers are guided from building to building around Main Street. It even gives a chance to meet and try to communicate with a ghost or two along the way.

Standing near the front steps at the TB Ripy mansion, Mr Waldridge began the tour explaining the history of the house and some of the ghostly evidence that was captured there. The mansion was built by Thomas B Ripy who was the creator of the distillery that would become the very successful Wild Turkey Distillery. Mr Waldridge explained that TB Ripy, who not only lived in this house for many years, but also had his own funeral in it. He now haunts the house, almost as if to protect it.

As we gathered closer, Mr Waldridge began to show us evidence of the ghost of TB Ripy that was collected through the years. Amazing shadowy figures caught on film and eerie audio clips of someone talking who wasn’t physically present startled the crowd. With the sun quickly setting behind the large house, a little bit of fear fell over the excited walkers.

We then started our walk through town. We quickly followed Mr Waldridge and his crew down the old sidewalks of downtown Lawrenceburg heading north towards the Anderson County Court House. We gathered on the front sidewalks amongst the old memorials. With the imposing front pillars of the old court house bearing down on us, Mr Waldridge continued with stories of history and ghosts.

The building which is now the Anderson County Court House is actually the third court house with the two previous ones being destroyed. But, the last two were at same location as the current one so their ghostly past still haunts the newest one. And with gruesome deaths of confederate soldiers, prison inmates, and others, there are plenty of reasons for the hauntings, which anyone interested must see.

The crowd, now ready to meet a ghost, was directed northward again towards what was the old Central Hotel which is above 116 South Main Street. Anticipation grew as this would be our first inside tour of a haunted building. Walking up the thin stairway, we carefully made our way towards a large room upstairs, flashlights in hand as there was no electricity.

Mr Waldridge continued with the history and hauntings of this building. Starting as a hotel, the upper floor would eventually be converted to low rent apartments where a number of deaths took place, details of which are exclusive to the walk. He then let us listen to more ghostly voices that were recorded in the building. Afterwards, he had us explore the building on our own looking for an apparition amongst the tired walls and furniture.

Even though we didn’t find any ghosts at the hotel, we continued onward back to where we began: the TB Ripy house. This time we went inside to see if we could meet the ghost of TB Ripy. The elegant chandelier and woodwork greeted us as we entered the foyer.

After meeting a descendant of TB Ripy himself, Olivia Ripy, and seeing amazing evidence of ghost activity collected at the house, we walked around the house by ourselves. As I walked up the steps towards the second floor, a possible ghostly event happened as the lights flickered. The walkers already there were spooked before they went back down the stairs.

We then gathered back in the foyer to see if we could communicate with any ghosts in the house. With all the lights turned off, Mr Waldridge demonstrated the equipment used to investigate hauntings. Everyone kept quiet as Mr Waldridge set up the recorder. Everyone was amazed with some of the live recordings of possible ghost voices. Mr Waldridge then concluded the walk.

If you’re up to a startling yet fun experience, take the next Ghost Walk on Saturday at 8pm. This year’s walk, which is now in its second season, runs through October and starts at 321 South Main Street. Tickets and more information can be found at: http://kyghosttours.com/lawrenceburg-ghost-walk/

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